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Behind the blooms

Levant Lane a full service floral design studio serving weddings and events of all sizes.


We specialize in creating meaningful floral designs to reflect your story. Paola’s non-traditional style stems from her love for nature, art, and curiosity. At Levant Lane, we look to nature for inspiration — creating loose, organic designs that mimic how they would be found in the wild. We tend to have a more minimal approach, giving each bloom an opportunity to shine. We obsess over details - colors, styling, the venue, the season, and most importantly, the vision + story of our clients.

At Levant Lane, we want you to feel good about your floral investment. Our promise is to use every single stem, leaving little to no waste. Our goal is to cultivate an experience that feels organic, one-of-a-kind, and true to you

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Paola Parada is Levant Lane's

Owner and Head Creative

Paola combines her love for nature with her love of breaking rules(in the best way, of course) to bring you one of a kind arrangements.​

She lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and two kids. She operates from her home studio and can often be found foraging for her upcoming events.

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